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So I just posted this song on fb LOL cause I’m addicted to it.  It might be just because its such a chill song and sends a message of how I view things right now. I just don’t care and wanna enjoy myself. I might consider this my summer 2011 song :)

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I know I just posted something, but I had to add this song. Really feeling it right now. Goodnight.

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New Years Resolution

So, I know I am late on saying what my new year’s resolution is, but its because I’ve been busy to where I did not have time to update.  First, I’d like to say the normally I do not do these “New Years Resolution” things.  This is because I feel people always come up with one and never follow through.  Typical NYR would be “go to the gym” or something along those lines.  Check out this years(2011) top ten NYR (  When I looked at it, there actually a lot of good ones. lol. 

Anyways, so even though I said that I don’t do NYR but this year I changed my mind. I decided to have one with the idea set in my head that I have to follow through and not be one of those people who loses sight of their goals.  Especially since I have never had one before. 

Basically, with all that said, my new years resolution is very simple. Making it simple will make it easier to follow through with my goals.  I have two, be productive and don’t care about girls. When I said be productive, I mean be productive as in….. instead of laying around all day, do something that will accomplish something. Or instead of hanging out with friends and getting sidetracked from things that should have more priority in my life, like school.  I will choose my priorities first and my entertainment second.  This is an example of being productive, this resolution can be applied to pretty much anything, as long it helps improve myself in some way. Like get better at street fighter LOL. Second part is not care about girls.  This doesn’t mean I avoid girls at all costs. lol.. It just means I am not gonna go out of my way just to get a girl or something like that.  If a girl does come along…you know, whatever happens, happens.

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I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, I decided to use it again!!! Yay :) Okay anyways I decided to post this video as coming back post. Its a video about the stages of relationships.  I feel that everyone can relate to this video in some way.  

This video makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.  Life goes on 

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So this weekend was my birthday. On Friday we had dance practice, and party hard after.  Next day after that I went to my birthday party pt2 LOL jk.  It was my other friends bday party.

That’s all :)

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Second Place!!

So yesterday I entered a tournament for Super Street Fighter 4.  This is my first ever tournament I’ve been to, but definitely not my last.  I went in hoping to at least not lose my first match.  When I first arrived, there were a lot of people at the entrance of the Play N Trade just playing casuals with other players.  I was a bit nervous at first not knowing what to expect, and this is weird for me because usually I’m quite calm and collected.  From the outside it may have looked like it but the inside was the opposite.

Anyways as we finally start the tournament, since there were about 30 people there, we had to do something called “pools.” Which meant that we were all split up between groups and played one match against other players within that pool, and the top three or four players in that pool moves on the the brackets.

When my first match started, I got a bit anxious, hoping to not fail on my first match.  I played against a decent Akuma player.  I ended up winning that match anyways, and continued on that path with a seven win streak and no losses.  I also beat the guy who won the tournament last time without even knowing that.  In that match against him I did so bad and was pretty disappointed in myself because I played so bad even though I won.  I felt it was because I didn’t use my own stick, which caused me to make so many bad mistakes.

So, I ended up being able to move on to the brackets along with my friend Ryan, who went on 6-1 in his pool.  Sadly, my other friend, Kissfork was not able to make it with his record of 2-5.  I felt he should’ve been able to make it but I think his nerves got the best of him.  There is always a next time though!!!

The brackets for the tournament has finally been made with eight players total.  Each match would be played with best three out of five.  My friend Ryan wasn’t able to make it past his first match, so his time has ended there.  First match of mine was against E. Honda, where I lost the first match, but came back and won my other two.  Next match right after that was against a Balrog, I won both my matches against him.  After that match I was in the finals, but I was so tired of playing so many matches in a row.  Soon I go into my final match against a pretty good Bison, and lose both matches.  I felt as though I could’ve beat him but I was so exhausted from playing for so long and no breaks.  Remind me next time to bring something to drink at least so I don’t become so thirsty later on during the day.

Overall, it was an interesting experience for my first tournament.  I definitely want to go to more.  I won $25 store credit which is really nice since it was a free tournament.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go to more tourneys soon enough!!!

And I have to thank my main, Rose!!!! LOL NO ONE EXPECTED ROSE TO BE SO GOOD

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So I’m posting this song because its a good song lol.  Not because I’m being emo or anything, but the other night I was driving with my ate and this song came on.  I mention to her that the third verse makes me think of someone.  Not anyone now currently, but someone from the past, so don’t get the wrong idea!!! So here’s my favorite verse of this song who reminds me of someone who will always be special to me.

Been all about the world ain’t never met a girl that can take the things that you been through
Never thought the day would come where you would get up and run and I would be out chasing you
Cause ain’t nowhere in the globe I’d rather be, ain’t noone in the globe I’d rather see then the girl of my dreams that made me
Be so happy but now so lonely”